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Company G "Walton Rangers", Georgia 10th Cavalry (State Guards): 1st Lieutenant Calvin Gordon Nowell, my 3rd cousin 5x removed

Calvin Gordon Nowell

Calvin Gordon Nowell was born on his father's farm in Walton County, Georgia on October 3, 1827.  In 1857, at the age of 20, he began clerking at the General Store owned by John Felker in Monroe, Georgia.  His work ethic spoke for itself and he soon became Felker's partner.  By the early 1860's, Nowell was the sole proprietor of the General Store in Monroe. 

In late 1863, while Nowell was clerking at the General Store, Yankee soldiers from Union General George Stoneman's Cavalry raided the town.  In her book, "Wayfarers in Walton", Anita Sams states that twelve-year-old Billington Sanders Walker was among the onlookers who watched with disgust as the soldiers in blue broke down the doors of the only General Store in the community, C. G. Nowell & Company, and destroyed or helped themselves to the merchandise.

Twenty-four reams of English letter paper and 30 boxes of tobacco were taken by the enemy.  Also missing were 30 yards of material, 12 pair of cotton cards, 20 sacks of salt, 250 sacks of soda, a large lot of spool thread, dress trimmings, shoe thread, nails, and flour.  Nowell later valued the loss at $15,900, a more than substantial loss for 1863.

Following the destruction of his business, it seems logical that Nowell would enlist in the Confederate Army.  Calvin Gordon Nowell was offered a commission as First Lieutenant in Company G, Georgia 10th Cavalry (State Guards). 

Nowell's acceptance of his Commission as First Lieutenant

Calvin Gordon Nowell accepted his commission as First Lieutenant of Company G, Georgia 10th Cavalry (State Guards).   His first Muster Roll was dated August 4, 1863.

1st Muster Roll for Calvin

The Georgia 10th Cavalry (State Guards) completed it's organization near Petersburg, Virginia in July of 1864.  It was formed by consolidating seven companies of the 7th Confederate Cavalry and three of Millen's 20th Georgia Battalion Partisan Rangers.  Company G was nicknamed the "Walton Rangers".  The regiment was originally  assigned to General Pierce Manning Butler Young's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia, and skirmished south of the James River.  Later it transferred to General Thomas Muldrup Logan's command and fought in South and North Carolina.  The Georgia 10th Cavalry (State Guards) surrendered with the Army of Tennessee on April 9, 1865 at Bennett's Place in Durham, North Carolina. 

Following the war, Nowell returned home to Walton County, Georgia where he opened a new store.  He continued in the mercantile business until 1884.  He also served as Justice of the Lower Court in Walton County and Director for the railroad that ran between Social Circle and Monroe, Georgia. 

Calvin Gordon Nowell later in life

Calvin Gordon Nowell lived an additional 45 years following the end of the Civil War.   He died in Walton County, Georgia on May 17, 1910.   He was 83 years old.   He is buried in the Rest Haven Cemetery in Monroe, Walton County, Georgia.

Grave of Calving Gordon Nowell

Here's my relation to Calvin:

Calvin Gordon Nowell (1827 - 1910)
is your 3rd cousin 5x removed
James W. Nowell (1793 - 1877)
Father of Calvin Gordon
James Nowell (1767 - 1830)
Father of James W.
John Nowell (1736 - 1793)
Father of James
Martin Nowell (1682 - )
Father of John
Dempsey Nowell Sr. (1728 - 1777)
Son of Martin
Dempsey Nowell Jr. (1755 - 1810)
Son of Dempsey
Rev. John Nowell (1803 - 1859)
Son of Dempsey
Joseph Warren Nowell (1829 - 1889)
Son of Rev. John
Walter Hinton Nowell (1855 - 1922)
Son of Joseph Warren
Joseph Warren Nowell (1889 - 1954)
Son of Walter Hinton
Ruth Adelaide Nowell Stokes (1918 - )
Daughter of Joseph Warren
Selby Edward "Stokey" Stokes Jr. (1946 - )
Son of Ruth Adelaide
Chip Stokes
You are the son of Selby

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